How to Order Vegan at Domino’s

Two words: garlic bread.

Drooling yet?

It’s never been easier to find vegan options at all your favourite fast-food restaurants – and Domino’s Australia is no exception. With a number of vegan-friendly pizzas, sauces and sides on the menu (including garlic bread!), you’re sure to find it easy to order a cruelty-free meal.

To make it even simpler, we’ve created this handy infographic to help you order your next vegan meal at Domino’s:

How to Order Vegan at Domino's Infographic

Want to see Domino’s add vegan cheese to its menu? Join the hundreds of people who have already been requesting this change on Facebook. Since Domino’s in Israel already added vegan cheese to its menu, we hope it’s just a matter of time before Australia follows suit.

Why order vegan? Animals used for food endure almost unimaginable cruelty. Grab your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit for advice and help on switching to a more compassionate lifestyle: