How Animals Were Helped at India’s Chinchali Fair

Posted on by PETA Australia

Animal Rahat – a PETA-supported Indian animal relief organisation – recently brought relief to thousands of bullocks and ponies suffering at the annual Chinchali Fair.

Vets and volunteers worked tirelessly, going without sleep to help the thousands of animals who were once again forced to pull cartloads of families to Chinchali – a journey that for many is more than 200 miles. Along the way, animals are often whipped and beaten, and they often suffer from dehydration, wounds, painful lameness, broken bones, muscle strain and severe stress.

To save as many animals as possible from this journey, several buses were donated, which were used to transport villagers to the fair.

Over 1,300 animals were able to stay home and rest because of these buses.

Animal Rahat also offered relief to 3,528 bullocks and 430 ponies, who were able to relax and rest at treatment camps en route to Chinchali.

Watch this inspiring video to find out even more about how these animals were helped: