Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Ex-Fisher Pens Heartbreaking Op-Ed, Describes Horrors of Fishing

In a candid account of his experiences as a fisher, The Getaway Plan and ECCA VANDAL drummer Dan Maio describes the guilt he now feels for participating in the …

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World’s Top Plant-Powered Tennis Stars

As the Australian Open kicks off in Melbourne, we take a look at the hottest tennis stars, past and present, who are powered by plants.

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Deprivation and Death: Why Cows Aren’t Celebrating Dairy Week ©Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

Deprivation and Death: Why Cows Aren’t Celebrating Dairy Week

Imagine a mother condemned to a cycle of forced pregnancies, a cycle that will end in her premature death. There is no “humane” way to steal the milk that …

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What Is ‘Pig Dogging’?

“Pig dogging” is a shamefully cruel and barbaric practice in which dogs are forced to hunt wild pigs.

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Tougher Animal-Welfare Legislation Introduced in Victoria

The Victorian government has announced updated animal-welfare legislation which promises to “crack down on cruelty”.

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Cinema Says No to Vegan Choc-Tops: People Fight Back on Social Media

Event Cinemas has controversially declined to crown a vegan winner in its annual My Choc Top competition – even though a cruelty-free entry received the most votes.

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Crocodiles Cut Open, Skinned in Vietnam for Leather Bags

A new PETA video exposé reveals the suffering and agonising deaths of crocodiles in Vietnam to make “luxury” leather bags for Louis Vuitton and other brands—help stop this!

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How to Make a Vegan

A new survey reveals the main reasons why people go vegan – and some of them may surprise you.

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Seeing How These Firefighters Rescued Kittens Will Melt Your Heart

The Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade will receive a Hero to Animals Award for its rescue of two kittens in trouble.

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Off the Vegan Track: Small Aussie Towns, Cruelty-Free Food

Life doesn’t have to be tough as a vegan in a small Aussie town. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are popping up everywhere.

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