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Ask Your MP to Stop Ships of Death

With the number of exposés on the tragedies in the live-export industry in recent years, it is surely time for Members of Parliament to start listening to the public and pushing for a ban on the cruel export… Continue reading.

Husk: Bohemian Cruelty

Victoria-based fashion chain Husk, which describes their style as “bohemian soul”, would seem to have no soul at all, based on their decision to continue stocking real fur in their stores despite knowing how violent and bloody the… Continue reading.

Webster Holdings Pty: Leaders in Fur Cruelty

Webster Holdings Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based company that owns several Australian retailers, including Jigsaw and David Lawrence. Despite knowing that the fur industry is violent and bloody, Webster Holdings still insists on stocking real fur items in… Continue reading.

Stop the Slaughter of the Seals of Nam

The first of July marks the beginning of a killing spree. A minimum of 85,000 cape fur seal pups will be beaten and stabbed to death for their pelts in Namibia. A further 6,000 adult bull seals will… Continue reading.