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You Can Save Animals From Deadly Product Tests!

Right now, sensitive animals are being force-fed chemicals and forced to inhale potentially toxic materials in tests of household products that are on the shelves of stores across Australia. PETA is hoping that YOU will help save rabbits,… Continue reading.

Animals Set to Die to Test Legal Highs

The New Zealand government has ignored calls to leave controversial tests on animals out of the Psychoactive Substances Bill, which effectively sentences animals to death in the name of people’s right to get high legally. In just one… Continue reading.

New Zealand to Test Recreational Drugs on Animals?

The New Zealand government is considering whether to allow the testing of recreational psychoactive drugs on animals. These are non-medicinal, recreational drugs that are of no benefit to human health. The government is looking to change the current… Continue reading.

PETA Asks United Airlines to Ban Monkey Cruelty

UPDATE: VICTORY! United Airlines has banned the transport of primates to laboratories. The decision follows a year-long campaign by our affiliate PETA US. Air France and China Southern Airlines are the only remaining major airlines that transport primates… Continue reading.

VICTORY! University Of Queensland Ends Terminal Experiments on Animals

After ongoing campaigns by our affiliate PETA Asia-Pacific and other groups in Australia, the University of Queensland has confirmed that they have ceased using dogs from local pounds for terminal procedures at their facility. Previously, the University of… Continue reading.