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Isabelle Cornish Channels Her Inner Mermaid in New PETA Ad

Model, actor and strict vegetarian Isabelle Cornish has starred in an exciting new ad for PETA, shot by top photographer Daniel Boud! “Fish are one of the most abused animals on the planet”, Cornish explains in a behind-the-scenes… Continue reading.

Jona Weinhofen Reveals the Bloody Truth Behind Every Wool Coat

Adelaide-born I Killed the Prom Queen guitarist Jona Weinhofen has spoken out against the bloody wool industry in a brand-new campaign for PETA Australia. In PETA US’ international exposé of the wool industry, gentle sheep are punched in… Continue reading.

‘Earth’ Beauty Renee Somerfield’s Plea for the Planet

Maxim cover girl and swimsuit model Renee Somerfield is used to posing for the camera in the tiniest of bikinis. But in her new ad for PETA Australia, which was shot by top photographer Neil Dixon, the vegan… Continue reading.

Sam Simon: A True Hero for Animals

Reposted from  The animals have lost a true ally and a sharp and honest tongue with the passing of PETA US Honorary Director and entertainment giant Sam Simon, who was a dear friend, a stalwart champion of… Continue reading.

P!nk Would ‘Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’

One of the most talented, hard-working entertainers on the planet also happens to be a true friend to animals. P!nk is known for being super-comfortable in her own skin – so comfortable that she teamed up with PETA US and… Continue reading.