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Egypt Cattle Abuse Renews Calls for an End to Australian Live Export

After more shocking footage was released of animal abuse in Australian-approved abattoirs, with cattle in Egypt as the newest victims, then–former Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Joe Ludwig insisted that the live-export trade had a “bright future”. Australian live… Continue reading.

UPDATE: Egypt Clarifies Cattle Mutilations

UPDATE: PETA Australia has received assurance from the Australian government that they have communicated with the Egyptian government on this matter, and that the ears of animals will not be cut off prior to slaughter. Thank you to… Continue reading.

Shocking New Animal Abuse Uncovered in Foreign Abattoirs

As yet more shocking video footage emerges showing animals in foreign abattoirs being routinely tortured and abused, the question must surely be asked: when will enough be enough? Compassion in World Farming has released video footage of animals… Continue reading.