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17 Dead Horses and Counting

Only weeks into 2014, 17 horses have died on Australian racetracks. The latest victims, Bit of a Bash and Little Pablo, both of whom died in Victoria, and 6-year-old gelding Jhelum, who was euthanised after colliding with another… Continue reading.

Failed Racehorses Are ‘Wastage’

The recent report on the horse-racing industry on ABC’s Four Corners brought the plight of thousands of horses used for racing into the public eye. The disturbing video footage from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses shows… Continue reading.

The Olympics Are No Game for Horses

Australia may have been swept up by the excitement of the 2012 Olympics and cheering on our Aussie athletes – but we should all spare a thought for the competitors who have no choice in the competition. The… Continue reading.