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Woolmark: Not Worth the Label It’s Printed On

When Somerset House in the UK hosted the finals of Woolmark’s menswear design competition as part of Men’s Fashion Week, PETA UK representatives were there with a bloodied “lamb” in tow to show people what’s wrong with wearing wool…. Continue reading.

PETA’s Cutest, Saddest Protest Ever

In a stunning protest inspired by international graffiti artist Banksy, PETA drove home the horrors of Australia’s live-export trade. Workers and tourists in the central business districts of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide were faced with a row boat crammed to the brink… Continue reading.

Armani: Fur Is Dead

That was the message that activists from PETA Australia sent to designer Giorgio Armani earlier this year when they posed as naked corpses in coffins outside one of the company’s Sydney stores. Despite knowing how cruel the fur… Continue reading.

PETA Asks United Airlines to Ban Monkey Cruelty

UPDATE: VICTORY! United Airlines has banned the transport of primates to laboratories. The decision follows a year-long campaign by our affiliate PETA US. Air France and China Southern Airlines are the only remaining major airlines that transport primates… Continue reading.

PETA ‘Lettuce Ladies’ and ‘Sheep’ Brave Chills and Rain to Save Animals

The previous day may have been the coldest in Melbourne for a while, but PETA “Lettuce Ladies” Georgie and Isabella braved the brisk Melbourne air to spread the word about veganism. The lovely, leafy ladies asked passers-by in… Continue reading.