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Live Export: Australia’s Shame – You Can Help Stop It

UPDATE: Thanks to the actions of people like you, Israeli authorities have closed the country’s largest slaughterhouse after footage revealed cattle having their throats slit and being hung upside-down while still fully conscious, and calves being beaten with sticks… Continue reading.

PETA Roadside Memorial Reminds People to Consider Animals

Following the deaths of a number of sheep in a traffic incident in South Australia on 17 July, PETA has placed a roadside memorial at the crash site. PETA hopes the memorial will remind livestock haulers that they… Continue reading.

How You Can Help End Live Export

Most Australians have been disgusted by the abuses that have been revealed time and time again in the live-animal export industry. Shocking video footage and reports of abuse from Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam have surfaced, and every… Continue reading.

National Livestock Standards Should Protect Animals, Not Farmers

PETA recently submitted comments regarding the proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines – which currently fall far short of offering any meaningful protections for sheep and cattle. These standards create an excellent opportunity to offer sheep and… Continue reading.

Ask Your MP to Stop Ships of Death

With the number of exposés on the tragedies in the live-export industry in recent years, it is surely time for Members of Parliament to start listening to the public and pushing for a ban on the cruel export… Continue reading.