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Things We Love!

There’s a lot to love about living a compassionate lifestyle in Australia these days. The following are just a few things that we think are pretty darn cool: The Cruelty Free Shop has expanded and is now open… Continue reading.

Have You Heard the Dirt on McDonald’s Health Violations?

During an inspection of the McDonald’s in Queen Street Mall last year, Brisbane City Council Eat Safe officers found a slew of health violations, including cockroaches, floors covered with grease and grime and more. They fined the restaurant… Continue reading.

Propagandhi Hits Australia and Talks Animal Rights With PETA!

Fans of Canadian band Propagandhi will probably already know that the group’s members are dedicated animal advocates. Touring Australia soon, they took some time out to talk to PETA about what animal rights means to them. What made… Continue reading.

Guest Blog: Fit, Strong and Vegetarian

My decision to go vegetarian, just over 15 months ago, was based purely on my ethical beliefs. Nonetheless, since I went vegetarian, I have been able to improve my physique and overall fitness levels dramatically. I’ve increased my… Continue reading.

‘Free Meat Week’? How About ‘Happy Heart Attack Week’?

PETA has offered some words of advice to Dawson MP George Christensen, who decided that Meat Free Week is “un-Australian” and planned a cholesterol-laden counter-campaign, dubbed “Free Meat Week”, featuring a massive barbecue. In a letter sent to… Continue reading.