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PETA Ad Calls for Mandatory Drug Testing of Shearers

In a disturbing new ad, PETA is calling for lawmakers to take heed of the risks to both animals and humans when drug use by wool industry workers goes unchecked. Liberal Party delegates and wool producers in Victoria… Continue reading.

Woolmark: Not Worth the Label It’s Printed On

When Somerset House in the UK hosted the finals of Woolmark’s menswear design competition as part of Men’s Fashion Week, PETA UK representatives were there with a bloodied “lamb” in tow to show people what’s wrong with wearing wool…. Continue reading.

Jona Weinhofen Reveals the Bloody Truth Behind Every Wool Coat

Adelaide-born I Killed the Prom Queen guitarist Jona Weinhofen has spoken out against the bloody wool industry in a brand-new campaign for PETA Australia. In PETA US’ international exposé of the wool industry, gentle sheep are punched in… Continue reading.

13 (Unlucky-for-Sheep) Reasons Not to Buy Wool

Warning: the following images are graphic and will make you never wear wool again: 1.      Young lambs’ ears are hole-punched, their tails are chopped off and the males are castrated, all usually without anaesthetics or pain relief. 2.     … Continue reading.

Live Export: Australia’s Shame

This year once again, millions of Australian sheep and cattle will endure days or even weeks crammed onto filthy ships, travelling through all weather extremes, to arrive at slaughter destinations with few or no laws to prevent their… Continue reading.