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Topshop Bans Fur, Mohair, and Exotic Skins – Why Not Wool, Too?

Tell Topshop why there’s no place on its hangers or shelves for sheep’s wool.

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Australia: Ban Cruel Jumps Racing Now!

Since 2009, more than 60 horses have died as a result of Australian jumps racing.

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Greyhound-Racing Cruelty Continues – Ban It Now Jo-Anne McArthur We Animals

Greyhound-Racing Cruelty Continues – Ban It Now

Thousands of dogs are being bred and killed, all for the sake of a bet. It’s time to take a stand.

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Exposed: Australian Wool Industry Continues to Abuse Sheep

A disturbing PETA video exposé of the Australian wool industry, the world’s top wool exporter – following a ground-breaking exposé in 2014 that led to the first-ever convictions of …

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Brisbane City Council: Animals Are NOT Christmas Decorations! Animal Liberation Queensland

Brisbane City Council: Animals Are NOT Christmas Decorations!

Send a message to your councillor and let them know that hiring live animals as decorations isn’t a good use of ratepayers’ money.

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Leather: Hell for Animals and Children in Bangladesh

Leona Lewis narrates a shocking PETA video exposé of Bangladesh’s billion-dollar leather industry, which reveals who really pays the highest price for “affordable” leather.

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Ask Free People to Drop Mohair

Please ask Free People to drop mohair immediately in favor of animal-friendly materials that are free of cruelty.

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More Disturbing Video: Sheep Kicked, Stomped On and Mutilated for Wool

PETA affiliates have now released video footage from 20 shearing facilities across three states – and abuse was found at every single one.

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