Aired 23 February 2023: It’s been a year since the war in Ukraine began, and every day, PETA-supported rescue teams receive urgent reports of animals in desperate situations. Join the teams as they brave bombs and crater-packed roads to pull animals out of the war and deliver them to safety. We’ll take you as close to the action as anyone can get without a flak jacket!

Aired 22 November 2022: Ingrid will introduce you to PETA Asia rescuers who put their lives on the line to save hundreds of animals from a deadly volcanic eruption in the Philippines and to PETA US fieldworkers who helped animals by rebuilding damaged shelters in Puerto Rico just before a second hurricane hit. We’ll continue our virtual adventure in Mexico to take a peek at how PETA Latino is tackling the country’s raging homeless-animal crisis, and finally, we’ll visit the frontlines in Ukraine to get an update on PETA Germany’s lifesaving work there.

Aired 24 August 2022: Meet the brave rescuers in Ukraine who are risking everything to get animals out of the war-ravaged country and learn how our teams are moving mountains to prevent thousands of animals there from starving. You’ll see how PETA Latino is taking on the homeless-animal crisis in Mexico with spay/neuter marathons, and we’ll visit a free veterinary clinic in Jordan that’s rescuing donkeys, camels, and other sorely neglected animals.