For Immediate Release:
9 November 2016

Cat Who Believes He’s a Dog Is Rescued From Box of Rubbish

Braybrook – After pawing through hundreds of photographs of adorable rescued animals, PETA has chosen the winners of its Cutest Adopted Companion Animal contest for 2016, and Milor from Braybrook has won the Victoria state title – and stolen our judges’ hearts!

Photos of Milor are available here and here.

He was found dumped by the river in a box full of rubbish, covered with hundreds of fleas as well as his own excrement and urine. The box was taped shut, but luckily, his guardian’s dogs – who adore kittens – sniffed him out. He was only 3 weeks old, but his guardian bottle-fed him and nursed him to health.

His cheeky personality soon became apparent, as his guardian describes:

“The little devil has made it all a distant memory and now enjoys nothing more than tearing up and down our house, climbing the blinds and snuggling with his two doggy rescuers. Milor – although born a cat – believes he is a dog, and he finds comfort in his canine companions. He sleeps with them, shares their food, and plays with them. He comes when called and even joins them in the bath. How someone could dump this amazing little fluff ball in a box of rubbish to die is beyond me. He has had such a terrible start to his life and deserves nothing but the best.”

Every year in Australia, hundreds of thousands of kittens and puppies are born in unwanted litters – far more than can ever be placed in good homes. Those who are not adopted – at least 200,000 healthy cats and dogs – must be euthanised.

“As anyone who has adopted an animal knows, nothing compares to saving a homeless one’s life”, says PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Ashley Fruno. “We hope Milor’s story inspires people to adopt their next best friend.”

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