Victoria’s Secret Model Nabs PETA’s Top Honour, Thanks to Her Outspoken Concern for Animals

For Immediate Release:
29 December 2015

Sydney – Just weeks after walking her first runway for Victoria’s Secret, Australian model Bridget Malcolm has landed another honour: the title of PETA Australia’s 2015 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity.

Malcolm says, “At the rate of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, I don’t understand how people can be OK – and even proud – of their bad eating habits when they are killing themselves slowly”. But the health benefits are far from the only reason she went vegan. “It physically pains me to see suffering, and I go out of my way to avoid any chance of hurting another creature – human, animal or insect”, she says. “Not to mention how animal agriculture is the biggest destroyer of our natural world.”

What’s more, she frequently shares photos of delicious vegan meals and snacks on her popular Instagram account, including almond-milk ice cream, avocado toast, apple crumble, vegetable sushi and more.

“People everywhere – including the hottest celebrities – are going vegan for animals, the Earth, and their own health”, says PETA Australia Director of Campaigns Jason Baker. “Bridget Malcolm is a strong, sexy role model for anyone who wants to help make the world a kinder place for everyone on it.”

Since the World Health Organisation recently classified processed meat as carcinogenic, more and more people are making the switch to plant-based meals. Malcolm faced tough competition for this year’s title from the likes of cricketer Peter Siddle (who is back once again in the Australian test squad), models Sheridyn Fisher and Renee Somerfield, musicians John Butler and Daniel Johns and actors Liam Hemsworth and Isabelle Cornish, who was last year’s winner.

Other meat-free celebrities include former US President Bill Clinton, talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, singers Ellie Goulding and Miley Cyrus and actors, Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Russell Brand and Jared Leto, among many others.

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