PETA protests against animal abuse disguised as entertainment

For Immediate Release:
12 January 2012

Byron Bay, NSW – a group of people opposed to cruelty to animals will protest at the Byron Bay Rodeo on Thursday night. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia has arranged this peaceful protest to ask potential patrons to reconsider and not support this cruel event.

Animals used in rodeos are terrorised into action when men shove electric prods into them, twist their necks, yank them by their tails or legs, slam them on the ground or otherwise batter them. Devices such as bucking straps and spurs are used to provoke animals into “performing”. Injuries to animals – such as deep internal-organ bruising, haemorrhaging, bone fractures, ripped tendons, and torn ligaments and muscles – are all expected and anticipated in this violent tradition.

During one Tasmanian rodeo, a bull who had collapsed from a spinal injury was repeatedly kicked in the head to force him back onto his feet, even though he was partially paralysed. He was then hauled onto a truck, where he suffered for hours before he was killed.

“There’s nothing brave or heroic about animal abuse, and that’s all the rodeo is”, says PETA Australia’s Director of Campaigns, Jason Baker. “The one sure thing about bull riding is that animals will suffer and die.”

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