For Immediate Release:
8 November 2016

Neglected, Deaf Pup Is Given a Second Chance at Life

Canberra – After pawing through hundreds of photographs of adorable rescued animals, PETA has chosen the winners of its Cutest Adopted Companion Animal Contest for 2016, and Lilly from Canberra has won the ACT state title – and stolen our judges’ hearts!

A photo of her is available here.

She was adopted from a rescue group after being left alone and unwanted in a tiny courtyard. She was born deaf and was found with a steel rod protruding from her chest, which remained from an injury she’d sustained as a puppy. Lilly’s best friend is Hazel, a Staffordshire bull terrier, who acts as her “ears” when they’re out on walks.

“Lilly takes cues from Hazel and is reasonably obedient (when she wants to be!)”, says her guardian. “She is extraordinarily affectionate, and I’m lucky to have found her. Lilly is an amazingly patient and empathetic dog, given her history of medical issues and neglect.”

“As anyone who has adopted an animal knows, nothing compares to saving a homeless one’s life”, says PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Ashley Fruno. “We hope Lilly’s story inspires people to adopt their next best friend.”

Every year in Australia, hundreds of thousands of kittens and puppies are born in unwanted litters – far more than can ever be placed in good homes. Those who are not adopted – at least 200,000 healthy cats and dogs – must be euthanised.

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