PETA Protest to Slam Inaccurate Media Coverage and Remind the Public That Physical Abuse Is the Real Problem in Shearing Sheds

For Immediate Release:
28 May 2015

Sydney – As Australia’s wool industry lobs a storm of inaccurate media volleys in the wake of the damning investigations into Australian shearing sheds, PETA members are turning the spotlight back where it belongs – on the physical abuse rampant in Australian shearing sheds – with a protest outside Australian Wool Innovation headquarters, led by a “sheep” holding a sign reading, “Swearing Is the Least of My Problems. Wool Is F*#@ing Cruel”.

When:             Friday, 29 May, 12 pm sharp
Where:           Outside the headquarters of Australian Wool Innovation, HSBC Centre, 580 George St, Sydney

The incorrect information being circulated by the media includes the following:

  • That the focus of a complaint made regarding one New South Wales sheep station was that shearers swore at sheep. The facts: PETA US’ complaint detailed instances in which shearers working at Boorungie Station punched sheep in the face, stamped and stood on sheep’s heads and necks, struck them with a pipe and electric clippers until they bled and crudely stitched up gaping wounds without any pain relief.
  • That the complaint contained illegally obtained footage. The facts: The footage in PETA US’ exposé of the Australian wool industry was obtained legally, including footage of another NSW operation, and submitted to officials. There was no footage captured at Boorungie Station, and the complaint submitted was based on eyewitness accounts.
  • The complaint has been dropped. The facts: Unfortunately, no charges were filed in response to the complaint. This was because of the difficulty in proving the abuse, not the content of the complaint.

“One just has to watch the footage captured from inside Australian shearing sheds to see that cursing is the least of the problems facing the sheep”, says PETA Australia Director of Campaigns Jason Baker. “During the investigations, no one was ever reprimanded for beating, cutting or punching sheep.”

A copy of the redacted complaint relevant to Boorungie Station is available upon request. To see PETA US’ video expose of Australian shearing sheds, please visit