Good News for Minks: Klepki Cosmetics Ditches Fur Eyelashes

Australian Cosmetics Company Launches Vegan Collection to Replace Mink Lashes

Sydney – After hearing from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that sensitive minks are caged, killed, and skinned for fur coats and other items – including false eyelashes – Klepki Cosmetics has confirmed the launch of a vegan faux-fur range of lashes this winter, along with a commitment to phasing out all fur by the end of 2021. To thank the company for its compassionate move, PETA has sent it a box of delicious vegan chocolates.

The decision follows similar moves from Sephora – the world’s leading beauty retailer – and Australian beauty giant MECCA, which last year both announced plans to ban cruelly obtained mink lashes, too.

“We applaud Klepki for engaging with us on this issue and for proactively working to move away from mink,” says PETA spokesperson Emily Rice. “Eyelashes aren’t worth tormenting and killing sensitive animals for, and PETA welcomes Klepki Cosmetics’ compassionate decision to join Velour, Sephora, MECCA, Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay, and the scores of other beauty brands that are helping PETA push the beauty industry in a kinder direction.”

PETA notes that mink fur typically comes from fur farms, where stressed minks frantically pace and circle endlessly inside cramped wire cages and many languish with infections or broken or malformed legs. Some minks even self-mutilate as a result of the intensive confinement, gnawing on their own legs or tails. At the end of their miserable lives, they’re gassed or electrocuted or their necks are broken. In a blog post, Klepki’s founder expressed excitement for a new vegan beginning, stating that “mink fur no longer aligns with [her] personal/ethical values.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” and which opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview – is calling on Lilly Lashes to go fur-free.

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