For Immediate Release:
13 December 2017

House Husbands Star’s Rescued Feline Pal Co-Stars in Adoption Campaign

Adelaide – Hugh Sheridan has found love on the streets of Hollywood. So, who’s the lucky lady? His cat, Addie, of course!

He was on his way to an acting class when he saw a tiny kitten who had been dumped on the street in a plastic bag and left for dead. He took her in and named her Addie, after his grandmother and also as an homage to his hometown, Adelaide. Now, he’s encouraging everyone to be a hero for animals and adopt a companion from a shelter with this ad:


“[S]he was just so cute and so dependent on me already, you know, and just so wanting to know where I was,” he says in a video for PETA. “And I thought, this is a really good friend. And I love her so much now.”

Not every cat is as lucky as Addie. Every year, hundreds of thousands of puppies and kittens are born in unwanted litters in Australia. Many are abandoned on the streets, like Addie, or left to languish in shelters. As a result, around 200,000 healthy dogs and cats are euthanised each year, simply for lack of good homes.

“[A]nyone that’s planning on buying an animal, my message to them would just be to go and check shelters first to make sure that there’s not an animal there that’s waiting and praying that someone will come and pick them up,” says Sheridan.

He joins a growing list of celebrities – including Nick Cave, Kimbra, Jason Gillespie, and Sia – who have teamed up with PETA and its affiliates to speak up for animals.

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