PETA Wants Every Australian to Relate to Animals’ Fate

For Immediate Release:
19 November 2013

Sydney – PETA Australia’s brand-new display depicting the suffering of sheep and cattle shipped alive from Australia to the Middle East is sure to turn heads – and, PETA hopes, change some hearts and minds as well. That’s because the exhibit consists of a rowboat jam-packed with hundreds of stuffed animals, some holding signs reading, “Try to Relate to My Fate”, in order to give passers-by an idea of the cruel – and often deadly – conditions for animals aboard “death ships” at sea. The exhibit was launched after PETA’s shocking new ad was banned from Sydney Ferries.

Where:    Intersection of Martin Place and Pitt Street, Sydney
When:     Wednesday, 20 November, 9 am–5 pm

“The live sheep and cattle exported from Australia are deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them and filled with pain and fear”, says PETA Australia’s Jason Baker. “Our display will allow people to see just how hideous the live-export business is and, we hope, move them to join us in calling on the government to put an end to these despicable death journeys.”

Investigations by PETA and its affiliates have revealed that sheep and cattle who survived the gruelling ocean voyage from Australia were dragged by the ears and legs onto trucks, kicked in the face and hauled to backyard slaughterhouses, where their throats were cut while they were still conscious. The treatment that animals are subjected to in live export and the methods by which they’re slaughtered would be illegal in Australia.

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