For Immediate Release:

9 September 2019

Balfours Bakery’s New Curried Lentil and Potato Pie Awarded Best Vegan Pie

Adelaide – The iconic South Australian Balfours Bakery has been honoured for its new vegan range in PETA’s 2019 Vegan Food Awards. Other winners include Domino’s, Hungry Jack’s, and San Churro.

The Curried Lentil and Potato Pie is available at Coles supermarkets across South Australia and has been named Best Vegan Pie by PETA.

As the number of vegans in Australia has grown to up to half a million and hundreds of thousands more Australians are choosing to limit their consumption of animal-derived foods for religious reasons, because of environmental concerns, or because of food allergies or intolerances, the market for meals, snacks, and beverages free of meat, eggs, and dairy is stronger than ever.

“From dairy-free mozzarella to ‘beef’ pizza, food and beverage companies are upping the ante with innovative and delicious vegan options to meet the booming demand for animal-friendly fare,” says PETA spokesperson Emily Rice. “Concerns about health, the environment, and animal suffering are driving more and more people to select plant-based foods, which is why vegan eating is at an all-time high.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that each person who eats vegan spares nearly 200 animals every year a terrifying, bloody death in today’s meat, egg, and dairy industries. Plant-based meals are also greener: the United Nations has said that a global switch to vegan eating is necessary to prevent the worst effects of climate change. In addition, vegans are less likely to suffer from heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer than meat-eaters are.

Sixteen categories are included in this year’s awards, and here are just some of the winners:

Best Vegan Cheese: The Alternative Dairy Co Mozzarella

Made entirely from plants, the sensational mozzarella by The Alternative Dairy Co is melty, tasty, and 100% Aussie-made.

Best Vegan Meat: The Alternative Meat Co Sausages

These meat-free sausages are juicy, satisfying, Aussie-made, and high in protein. They grill well and are great with gravy!

Best Vegan Pizza: Domino’s Plant-Based Beef Taco Fiesta

Brand new and available nationwide, this must-try pizza sensation is packed with smoky flavour and spice and is simply delicious.

Best Vegan Burger: Hungry Jack’s Vegan Cheeseburger

This game-changing burger comes complete with meaty patties grilled to perfection, non-dairy cheese, and vegan mayo.

Best Vegan Menu: San Churro Vegan Menu

San Churro’s new vegan menu offers a wide selection of indulgent, generously sized, and innovative desserts that are great to share.

A copy of the PETA Vegan Food Awards logo is available here, and high-resolution images are available upon request. For more information and to view the full list of winners, please visit PETA.org.au.