High-Tech Project Will Let Students See, Hear and Feel What It’s Like to Be a Bird Facing Trouble

What: Most Griffith University students have probably never considered a bird’s eye view of the life of a chicken used for food, but on Thursday, they’ll have the chance to find out first-hand with the help of PETA Australia, which is set to bring its innovative “I, Chicken” virtual-reality (VR) installation to Nathan Campus. The event will be hosted by student group Griffith University Vegan Society. “I, Chicken” uses the most cutting-edge VR software available to immerse participants in a world where they can watch their chicken friends flap their wings, communicate with other chickens and engage in other natural chicken behaviour. But as participants soon learn, life for the half a billion chickens slaughtered each year in Australia is far from a walk in the park.

“Every chicken is an individual with the ability to enjoy dust baths and perches, form friendships and families, and feel pain”, says PETA Campaign Director Jason Baker. “PETA’s ‘I, Chicken’ display shows people that choosing healthy, meat and egg-free meals can spare millions of chickens a lifetime of suffering.”

“I, Chicken” was made possible by a grant from The Simpsons co-creator and noted philanthropist Sam Simon – who passed away on March 8 but was able to be one of the first to try the experience during its launch. PETA Australia’s groundbreaking “I, Chicken” tour will take the installation to the biggest universities in the country, where thousands of Australian students will take part.

Where:           Nathan Heart Plaza – Griffith University, Nathan Campus
When:            Thursday 10th September, 12pm

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