MIMCO, ROC, A_C Among 2021 PETA Fashion Awards Winners

Group Celebrates the Brands Making the World a Better Place for Animals 

Sydney – Vegan fashion is more in demand than ever, as savvy consumers are increasingly updating their wardrobes with items that don’t harm animals and are less damaging to the environment. This year’s PETA Fashion Awards celebrate 11 forward-thinking labels who are changing the face of fashion without using anyone’s skin, fur, feathers, or wool.

This year, warmth without the cruelty took centre stage, as Team Timbuktu’s Vegan Puffer nabbed Favourite Winter Jacket, the Madame Grace Coat by Unreal Fur won Favourite Coat, and New Zealand brand Kowtow’s Composure Cardigan took Favourite Winter Warmer.

Footwear and accessories were also celebrated: the ROC Chisel Vegan Leather Boots were named Favourite Ankle Boots, MIMCO’s Gala Pouch won Favourite Clutch, and the Favourite Sneakers award went to the No Saints Caroline Sneaker. TWOOBS nabbed Favourite Sandals with its OG Yamamillah platform sandals, and the A_C cactus leather tote was named Best Carryall.

“The awards this year are fabulous, because they celebrate brands that are championing diversity, sustainability, and female empowerment as well as showcasing animal-free fashion,” says PETA Senior Outreach and Partnerships Manager Emily Rice. “Animals are not ours to wear, and by choosing to leave them out of your wardrobe, you’re recognising them for the sensitive, intelligent individuals they are. We applaud all brands that, like our compassionate award winners, are helping to move the fashion industry towards a kinder and more sustainable future.”

Other winners include Outland Denim’s Athina jean, which is made using 86% less water, 57% less energy, and 83% fewer chemicals, and the A.BCH Tencel Lounge Skirt for creating a satiny feel and luxurious drape sans silk. Hot new label X MALI, which uses plastic bottles reclaimed from oceans and landfills, was named Favourite Newcomer.

Rounding out the awards, PETA named The Fall of Exotic Skins its Favourite Fashion Trend. The group explains that, as the COVID-19 pandemic sparked warnings from conservationists that the trade in exotic skins such as snake and crocodile could fuel future zoonotic diseases, many labels – including Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger – moved to ban these cruelly obtained materials, and many more will likely follow.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” – notes that every year, more than 1 billion animals are slaughtered in the global leather industry.

For more information on each category, please visit PETA.org.au.