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7 December 2018

When It Comes to Climate Change, Group Points Out, You Can Have Your Vegan Cake and Eat It, Too

Sydney – Following his suggestion that students should forgo ice cream and hamburgers if they are “really serious” about reversing climate change, a gift voucher for vegan burger patties and  ice cream is on its way to Liberal MP Craig Kelly, accompanied by a letter pointing out that people can turn down the planet’s heat without giving up delicious treats – so long as they’re made from plants.

“Mr Kelly is absolutely right when he notes that ‘the agricultural sector and the dairy sector [are] … big contributor[s] to greenhouse gas emissions,'” says PETA spokesperson Emily Rice. “But that doesn’t mean Aussie kids – or adults – have to go without. There are dozens of great-tasting vegan options available today, and we wanted to give Mr Kelly a chance to try them. This way, he can put his advice where his mouth is – literally.”

Research published earlier this year by the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy ‘products’ from meals could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 per cent. The study concluded that making the switch to vegan eating could be the “single biggest way” for humans to reduce our negative environmental impact.

Livestock production is currently responsible for nearly 15 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than the transportation sector – and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization warns that if they continue unchecked, emissions from the meat and dairy industries alone will undermine our efforts to keep temperatures from reaching an apocalyptic point.

“You don’t need to stop enjoying your favourite foods in order to help the planet,” PETA points out in the letter. “You can barbecue a burger while keeping yourself and the Earth cool this summer – just by choosing the vegan versions of the foods you love.

The full letter can be read here.

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