For Immediate Release:
1 August 2018
A Place to Call Home Star Defends All Mothers in Campaign for World Breastfeeding Week
Sydney – She’s best known for playing the acquiescent Olivia Bligh in Aussie drama series A Place to Call Home, but now, Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood is taking on a new role as an ambassador for mothers of all species by starring in a new PETA ad launched during World Breastfeeding Week. In the ad, which was unveiled this morning in front of the Harbour Bridge at Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney, she appears naked and breastfeeding her baby daughter next to the words “Dairy Breaks Bonds.”
In an exclusive video interview with PETA, Parkes-Lockwood – who became a mother last year on Christmas Eve – reveals that cruelty in the dairy industry prompted her to go au naturel. “[T]he idea of someone taking my baby away from me and taking my milk for their purposes is unthinkable,” she says. “A dairy cow doesn’t have the choice of whether or not she can breastfeed her baby, because her baby is taken away at birth. And she has these breasts, these udders, full of milk for her baby, and she can’t feed her baby. And that would be incredibly painful, both physically and emotionally.”
PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that like humans, cows carry their babies for around nine months and produce milk in order to nourish their own young. But on today’s factory farms, cows are artificially inseminated and calves are torn away from their loving mothers within a day of birth, causing both extreme distress. Mother cows sometimes wail for their calves for days after separation. Male calves are often slaughtered as babies, and females are sentenced to the same miserable fate as their mothers.
Parkes-Lockwood joins a growing list of celebrities – including Nick CaveJason Gillespie,KimbraHugh Sheridan, and Sia – who have teamed up with PETA and its affiliates to speak up for animals.
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