Sexy Activists Will Urge Organisers to Follow L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Example

What:              Wearing little more than lacy boyleg briefs and holding a banner that reads, “Compassion Is Always in Fashion – Go Fur-Free”, some sexy members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia will protest outside the Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival gets underway inside. PETA’s point? That despite being presented with graphic evidence of the suffering of animals killed for fur, festival organisers have refused to pledge to ban fur from the show. Unlike the Mercedes-Benz festival, the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival has issued a no-fur policy for its entire event.

“Compassion is a big turn-on, but fur-wearers leave me cold”, says PETA Australia vixen Zoe Crawford. “By showing some of my skin, I hope to save animals’ skin.”

Animals who are trapped for their fur endure excruciating pain before they are killed by trappers, who stomp on their chests or break their necks. On fur farms, animals spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages before workers kill them by breaking their necks or using poison or anal electrocution. In China – which is now the world’s leading fur exporter – animals who are killed for their fur, including millions of cats and dogs, are often skinned alive. Video footage recorded on a Chinese fur farm shows that workers pulled rabbits out of cages by their ears and stunned the screaming animals with electrical devices. Rabbits watched as other rabbits had their throats cut and their heads and paws cut off with knives before their skin was peeled off their bodies.

Where:            Sydney Town Hall, 483 George St, Sydney
When:             Wednesday, 21 August, 12 noon

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