As RSPCA Pushes for Mandatory Reporting, PETA Australia Urges Wool, Meat and Other Industries to Do the Right Thing Now

For Immediate Release:
4 September 2014

Sydney – In the wake of the recently released PETA US sheep abuse video exposé and the RSPCA’s announcement of its campaign to push for laws that would make it mandatory for workers on farms to report cases of cruelty to animals, PETA Australia has created a new poster campaign that calls on workers to report abuse now. PETA – whose motto reads, “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way” – intends to make the poster available to be placed outside shearing sheds, laboratories, slaughterhouses and any other businesses that use and/or kill animals as well as in newspapers and magazines. It shows a sheep with cuts from shearing as well as other heartbreaking images of abuse next to the words “If You See Something, Say Something” and provides details for reporting the abuse. The recent video exposé of shearing sheds across Australia revealed workers violently punching, beating and stamping on sheep.

“Whistleblowers have helped PETA affiliates around the world expose shocking cruelty to animals and secure landmark criminal charges against the perpetrators”, says PETA Australia Director of Campaigns Jason Baker. “PETA is calling on everyone, from workers to management, to report cruelty to animals.”

Whistleblowers have tipped off PETA affiliates to issues that have led to some of their biggest exposés, including the reports of dozens of animal deaths during the New Zealand production of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the cruel and violent methods that circuses use to “break” baby elephants, the routine beating of mother pigs at a slaughterhouse and shocking abuse of animals in laboratories.

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