For Immediate Release:
13 February 2017

Experiment Shows That Virile Vegan Is More Popular Than Bacon-Loving Beefcake

Melbourne – You don’t have to change to find love, but changing your diet might help, according to a new finding from PETA. In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, the animal rights group pitted two nearly identical Tinder profiles against each other, each running for a week in Melbourne. The only difference? One account clearly belonged to a vegan and the other to a meat-eater.

In one profile, 29-year-old “Peter” wore a shirt with the word “Vegan” emblazoned across the chest, and in the other, the same shirt said “Bacon” instead. Additional photos showed him at the supermarket buying fruit vs. meat and at the beach holding a dog vs. a fishing rod. The bios were identical in each profile – except for one phrase which read either “Vegan for life” or “Bacon is life”.

Clearly, the ladies didn’t want Peter bacon their heart, as the vegan profile received double the quantity of matches for the same number of swipes.

Images are available here and here More are available on request.

“Any bacon-loving beefcakes looking for love will find that there are plenty more fish in the sea if they go vegan”, says PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Ashley Fruno. “Vegan men care about animals, the environment, and their own health – not to mention they last longer in the bedroom – qualities many women take into account before swiping right.”
PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that vegans are less likely than meat-eaters to suffer from stroke, diabetes, cancer, and artery blockages to their hearts and other vital organs. What’s more, every person who goes vegan spares many animals daily suffering and terrifying deaths, and vegan meals are also greener, as the meat industry is a leading producer of the greenhouse-gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

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