For Immediate Release:
28 February 2018

Star Says Vegan Eating Could Help Female Prisoners Embrace Non-Violence While Saving State Government Money

Sydney – Pamela Anderson, honorary director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) US, sent a letter today to the commissioner of Corrective Services NSW urging him to serve New South Wales’ female prisoners vegan meals in place of animal-derived foods. The Baywatch star proposes that the move would complement the prison service’s new yoga and mindfulness rehabilitation programme for female inmates.

“Not only would providing vegan food honor one of the driving principles of yoga – ahimsa, doing no harm – by sparing animals’ lives, it could also help improve the health of the women in your facilities. A well-planned vegan diet provides all the nutrients that a person needs,” writes Anderson. “PETA and I would be happy to work with your team to create a low-cost meal plan.”

Maricopa County Jail in the US state of Arizona switched to all-vegetarian food for its 8,000 inmates and reported a saving of US$273,000. In 2015, Anderson went there with representatives of PETA US to serve lunch to the prisoners, who were, she reported, “impressed by the freshness and quality of the food”.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that more than 500 million land animals are killed for their flesh every year in Australia. While many prison inmates eventually return to a life of freedom, defenceless animals raised for food are condemned to spend their entire lives in misery, stuffed into tiny cages, extremely crowded sheds, or filthy feedlots. They’re routinely castrated, debeaked, and dehorned – with no pain relief – before being sent to the abattoir, where they endure a terrifying and painful death. Eliminating this cruelty from prison meals would help promote non-violence among inmates.

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