For Immediate Release:
2 July 2019

Pamela Poses in New PETA Campaign Urging the Public to Stay Away from Marine Abusement Parks 

Sydney – Pamela Anderson’s birthday was 1 July, and the only gift that she wants is freedom for orcas and dolphins currently held captive at marine parks around the world. To that end, she appears in a new PETA ad, posing in a tub in her birthday suit beneath the words “Could You Live in a Bathtub for Decades?” The ad can be viewed here.

“Marine amusement parks like Sea World deprive intelligent, social animals of everything that’s important to them,” says PETA spokesperson Mimi Bekhechi. “Like other cetaceans, dolphins can be successfully transferred to sea pens that mimic their natural environments and potentially released back into their home waters, depending upon the needs and abilities of each individual.”

Dolphins navigate by echolocation, but in pools, the reverberations from their own sonar bounce off the walls, which can drive them insane. World-renowned oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau has compared the imprisonment of orcas and other dolphins in tanks to keeping a jailed person blindfolded. These animals suffer both physically and psychologically in captivity.

There’s global momentum to put an end to cetacean captivity. The National Aquarium in the USis retiring the dolphins it held captive to a seaside sanctuary, beluga whales are being moved from a Chinese marine park to a sanctuary in Iceland, and Parliament in Anderson’s nativeCanada just voted to ban dolphin and whale captivity outright.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment” – notes that dolphins in the wild swim up to nearly 100 kilometres a day with their family pods, looking for opportunities to dive and surf the waves. By contrast, in captivity, they’re trapped and forced to perform meaningless tricks in front of noisy crowds for a handful of dead fish.

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