Group’s Tips Protect Humans and Reptiles Alike as Snakes Emerge From Hibernation

For Immediate Release:

18 November 2013

Perth – As summer’s rising temperatures send snakes out of their winter hideaways, PETA is offering important advice for handling any slithering surprises. Would you please share these tips with your readers? By taking a few simple steps, people can ensure their families’ safety and prevent snakes from being needlessly killed.

Snakes are an essential part of Australia’s ecosystem, and they can be found anywhere from the Outback to the backyard or the beach. But you can help keep your home snake-free by making your property unappealing to them:

  • Clear away rubbish, keep gardens tidy and cut grass low. Snakes like to hide in long grass or piles of wood.
  • Store wood and other building materials away from the house.
  • Place companion animals’ water and food bowls away from the house, as these can attract snakes’ prey.

If you do find a snake on your property, don’t panic! Stay calm to ensure your own and the animal’s safety:

  • More than 90 per cent of snakes in Australia are harmless and, if left alone, will usually go away.
  • Never try to kill or catch snakes, which will only make them feel threatened and provoke them to bite. All snakes are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.
  • Stand still or walk away.

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