For Immediate Release:
23 March 2016

Group Warns That Leaving Animals Unattended During Severe Weather Could Turn Fatal

With severe thunderstorms, including damaging gales and intense rain, affecting your area, PETA is offering important advice to help ensure the safety of companion animals during the storm and should tornadoes hit.

Please alert your audience to the following information, which could help save the lives of cats, dogs, rabbits and other companion animals who need to be included in disaster-preparation plans:

  • Take animals inside. Never leave them chained or penned up outside. If you seek safety within your residence, take your animals with you. Dogs have been sucked into the air, doghouse and all, during tornadoes.
  • If you need to move to a stronger structure, know your destination ahead of time. Although emergency shelters sometimes turn away animals, motels in the area are likely to accept dogs, cats, and other small animals in an emergency. Do not plan to leave animals unsupervised in a car – they can suffer from heatstroke once the ambient temperature rises above 21 degrees, even if water is available and the windows are slightly open, or the car may be overturned or crushed during a significant storm.
  • Move small animals in secure carriers, and keep dogs leashed. Frightening sounds and unfamiliar surroundings may make them bolt. Take water and food bowls, a favourite toy, a blanket, a towel,and enough food for at least a week.
  • Watch for other animals in need, including strays and animals who may have been left behind by neighbours. If you see an animal in distress and are unable to help, note the animal’s location and call authorities for help immediately.

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