For Immediate Release:
11 October 2017

Tribute Near Parliament House to Mark Greyhound Ban Backstep Anniversary

Sydney – On the anniversary of the New South Wales government’s betrayal of greyhounds suffering on racetracks and in kennels across the state, PETA has sent a letter to Premier Gladys Berejiklian asking for approval to erect a tombstone memorial on Macquarie Street, near Parliament House. The tribute would name every greyhound who has died on New South Wales racetracks since the government reneged on its promise to protect them.

“Greyhounds in New South Wales should all have been retired to loving homes by now, instead of being kept in cramped cages and kennels and forced to run for their lives,” says PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Ashley Fruno. “This memorial will act as a daily reminder to politicians of the suffering that could have been prevented by simply banning this cruel and unjustifiable industry.”

In the year since the government backed away from its promise to put a stop to greyhound racing, 88 dogs have died at race meets across the state, while hundreds more have suffered catastrophic injuries, according to Greyhound Racing NSW Stewards Reports. Around one in 10 race meets result in the death of a dog. The industry also breeds thousands of greyhounds, around 40 percent of whom will be killed before they’re even named.

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