New Ad Comes Hot on the Heels of ‘Appalling’ Kings Cross Bestiality Billboard:

For Immediate Release:
3 May 2013

Sydney – Foxtel has promised to remove its controversial bestiality-depicting Kings Cross billboard, and PETA Australia has a suggestion for a replacement: a new billboard that asks, “Has Your Meat Been Molested?” The sexual abuse of animals is routine in the meat industry, where female cows, pigs, turkeys and other animals are repeatedly forcibly impregnated against their will by violent workers.

“Anyone who is horrified by the idea of bestiality should stop and consider that billions of animals every year are confined, sexually assaulted and forcibly impregnated before they are killed for food”, says PETA Australia’s Jason Baker. “PETA agrees with Foxtel that the sexual abuse of animals is ‘appalling’, and we hope that the company will use this opportunity to help us fight this abuse by encouraging everyone to choose vegan meals.”

Turkeys on factory farms have been genetically manipulated to grow so large that they can no longer breed naturally, so workers extract the males’ semen and forcibly artificially inseminate the female birds. On dairy factory farms, cows are forcibly restrained while insemination instruments are shoved into their vaginas. Cows are kept nearly constantly pregnant, and their calves are torn away from them within a day of birth so that the milk they produce for their babies can be used for humans instead.

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