For Immediate Release:

13 April 2017

Two Winners Will Each Receive a Vegan B&B Getaway

Sydney – Do you have what it takes to be PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door for 2017? Modelled after PETA’s iconic Sexiest Vegan Celebrity contest – which has featured stars such as Today Extra host David Campbell, Olympian Morgan Mitchell, and model Bridget Malcolm – the competition shows that gorgeous men and women who are meat-, dairy-, and egg-free can be found all over Australia, which last year topped global Google Trends data for searches for the word “vegan”. Two winners will each receive a weekend getaway at The Beet Retreat and a six-month mystery-box subscription from The Cruelty Free Shop.

“Vegans are fitter and healthier than their meat-eating peers, on average – plus there’s nothing sexier than compassion”, says PETA’s associate director of campaigns, Ashley Fruno. “Everyone who enters is already a winner for eating delicious, healthy foods that were produced without harming a hair, feather, or fin on an animal’s body.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that while vegans obviously have big hearts, studies show that they have healthier ones, too. In addition to slashing their risk of developing heart disease, they’re less prone to suffering from cancer, diabetes, and obesity. And here’s a special note for meat-eating men: if you want to cut your chances of coming up short in bed, you might want to trade those Big Macs for veggie burgers. That’s because the cholesterol and saturated fat in meat and other animal-derived foods can clog arteries and slow the flow of blood to all the body’s organs.

Entrants must be Australian residents and at least 18 years of age. The entry round ends on 14 May, after which PETA will announce eight finalists – who will also receive prizes – determined by a PETA panel. From the finalists, one man and one woman will be selected as the winners. Entry details are available here.

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