Activists Will Ask Passers-By to ‘Be an Angel for Animals’

For Immediate Release:
12 February 2014

Sydney – Wearing nothing but lacy white lingerie, wings and halos, a pair of sexy angels will descend on the Hunt Leather store on George Street to protest against the use of animal skins. The angelic beauties will hold signs that read, “Be an Angel for Animals – Ditch Leather”.

Date:      Thursday, 13 February
Time:     12 noon sharp
Place:     Hunt Leather, Strand Arcade, George Street entrance, Sydney

“People who care about animals should refuse to buy leather”, says PETA angel Shareen Masawan, “because animals killed for their skins endure all the horrors of ‘modern’ factory farming, including deprivation, castration without any painkillers, branding, tail-docking, dehorning and cruel treatment during transport and slaughter.”

If the leather comes from other countries, such as India, conditions are often much worse. India is one of the largest leather manufacturers in the world, but its laws regarding animal transport and slaughter are minimal and are often blatantly ignored. Cattle are marched to slaughter over hundreds of miles in searing heat and without food or water. They often collapse from hunger, exhaustion and injuries. When the animals are too exhausted or injured to carry on, handlers rub chillies, salt or tobacco into their eyes and break their tails in order to force them onward. Cattle are also transported by truck and forced on top of one another in appallingly cramped conditions, which inevitably causes further injury and death from suffocation.

Leather is also no friend to the environment. Leather products are loaded with chemicals to keep them from decomposing in the buyer’s closet, and leather production pollutes the environment and gobbles up precious resources.

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