Group Will Ask Residents to Stop Supporting Abuse of Animals Raised for Food

For Immediate Release:
21 July 2015

Brisbane – Crouched in a cramped stall used to confine mother pigs on factory farms and holding a sign that reads, “Sow Stalls: The Mother of All Cruelty”, a heavily pregnant and nearly naked member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia will urge Brisbane residents to stop supporting the abuse of pigs and other animals. Her point? That pigs and other animals raised and killed for food suffer every day of their lives and are denied everything that’s natural and important to them.

When:             Tuesday, 21 July, 12 p.m.
Where:           King George Square, 266 George St., Brisbane

“We’re asking people to stop supporting the abuse of animals by going vegan. I will only be confined for an hour – but for mother pigs on factory farms, this is their life”, says PETA Australia spokesperson Clare Knight. “With so many delicious meat-free options available at local supermarkets, it’s easier than ever to enjoy great food without causing animal suffering.”

Millions of animals are slaughtered for food in Australia every year. Mother pigs spend much of their lives confined to tiny metal crates. They cannot feel the warmth and cosiness of a nest or the affectionate nuzzle of a mate. Instead, they’re surrounded by cold metal bars – which many incessantly chew on because of the mind-numbing stress – and lie on wet, faeces-coated concrete floors.

Raising animals for food is also killing the planet. Waste, antibiotics, and pesticides from factory farms and slaughterhouses contaminate water sources. Farmed animals produce 13 billion metric tons of excrement a year – that’s 48 times as much as the world’s human population produces. Much of the world’s water supply is quietly being diverted to animal agriculture – even desert nations in Africa and the Middle East are pouring what little water they have into meat production. Each day, animal agriculture consumes a shocking 2.5 trillion litres of water – enough for everyone in the world to take eight showers.

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