Award-Winning Blues Artists Join International Call to Stop Atrocities

For Immediate Release:
7 June 2012

Sydney – Holding a lamb next to the caption “Do It for Her. Ban Live Export”, Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall, known collectively as ARIA Award–winning Australian musicians The Audreys, appear in a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia. The ad is the latest salvo in PETA’s international campaign against Australia’s deadly live-export industry.

“I’m afraid that if we wait for the government or the industry to implement reforms that will alleviate the suffering of millions of sheep who are exported alive, we’ll wait forever”, says lead singer Taasha. Adds guitarist Tristan, “Nothing short of an all-out ban on live exports will stop the routine atrocities committed against these gentle animals – both in transit and at their destinations”.

The duo just released their compilation album Collected, which includes songs from three of their critically acclaimed previous albums and includes the previously unreleased song “Train Wreck Blues”. The band is about to embark on their “Cool, Calm and Collected” tour throughout Australia.

Sheep die by the tens of thousands each year when they are crowded together on multi-tiered, open-decked ships for voyages across thousands of kilometres of sea, during which the temperatures regularly reach more than 40 degrees Celsius. During these agonising journeys – which can take several weeks – many sheep die of starvation or heat exhaustion or are trampled by other terrified sheep.

Investigations by PETA and their affiliates have revealed that sheep and cattle who survived the gruelling ocean voyage from Australia were dragged by the ears and legs onto trucks, kicked in the face and hauled to backyard abattoirs, where their throats were cut while they were still conscious. These practices would be illegal if they were carried out in Australia.

To mark the release of their most recent album, Collected, The Audreys have announced an intimate duo tour in a hand-picked selection of theatres and clubs across Australia. During the shows, Taasha and Tristan will play songs from all three albums, plus some new material.

Collected is a unique package containing their three ARIA-winning albums from 2011, 2008 and 2006, respectively, along with a rare collection of demos, B-sides, live tracks and videos, including the previously unreleased song “Train Wreck Blues”. Collected comes in a beautifully designed digipak with a unique digital code to access this brand-new material.

The Audreys’ “Cool, Calm and Collected” tour will be showing on 13 and 15 June in Adelaide, 16 June in Melbourne, 17 June in Hepburn Springs, 21 June on the Gold Coast, 22 June in Brisbane, 23 June in Woombye, 24 June in Bulli, 26 June in Cronulla, 27 June in Clarendon, 28 June in Newcastle, 29 June in Newton, 30 June on Kincumber Central Coast and 1 July in Newtown.

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