For Immediate Release:
3 November 2016

Australian Designer Pledges ‘No Fur’ in Future Collections After PETA Campaign

Sydney – Following a PETA campaign, Australian fashion label Ellery has announced that it will not use fur in future designs and will withdraw all garments containing the cruelly obtained material from its retail and online stores.

Compassionate people fed up with the brand’s continued support of an industry that skins live animals such foxes, minks, and raccoons made their feelings known: over 60,000 supporters of PETA or its affiliates contacted the retailer.

“Today’s kind shoppers want nothing to do with an industry that confines animals to cramped cages, violently beats them, and tears their skin off”, says PETA Australia Associate Director of Campaigns Ashley Fruno. “By banning fur from future collections, Ellery has done the right thing for animals and consumers.”

PETA UK’s exposé of fur farms across Europe, including Finland, reveals that animals on these farms spend their lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages before being electrocuted, gassed, or poisoned.

Ellery joins other top retailers and designers – including David Jones, Nicola Finetti, Camilla Franks, Wayne Cooper, Aurelio Costarella, Scanlan Theodore, OneTeaspoon, Ginger & Smart, Fleur Wood, Gail Elliott, and Myer – that are 100 per cent fur-free.

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