250 Things Your Cat Wants You to Know

Posted on by PETA Australia

Do you recognise your cat’s subtle facial expressions? Has your new partner got your cat’s pyjamas in a twist? What five easy things can you do to turn your home into a cat castle? What should you do if, heaven forbid, your cat eats a poisonous plant or disappears?

PETA founder and renown cat “auntie” Ingrid Newkirk is answering all these questions and more in a special virtual presentation all about cats and her new book 250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know!

Join her on Thursday 24 February at 8pm AEST.

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a cat sitting upright

There are lots of things your cat would like you to know and try to tell you with meows, ear twitches, blinks, and tail flicks. But the fact is that many of us are not nearly as good as interpreting “Catese” as cats are at understanding our language.

For example, did you know that cats “smile” by squinting their eyes? If they go a step further and close their eyes for more than a split second, they’re showing how much they trust you—a high compliment, indeed!

And did you know that your cats’ “accidents” outside the litter box could be their way of telling you that they have a serious and potentially life-threatening illness?

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