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Missy Higgins Crowned Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian

Singer-songwriter Missy Higgins has been crowned Australia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity for 2012 after a fierce month-long battle that recently ended at Fellow Australian singer-songwriter Sia gave her a …

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The Audreys Speak Up for Australian Animals

Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall are best known as ARIA Award-winning musical duo The Audreys, but they are also long-time vegetarians and animal lovers. The pair recently teamed up …

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Webster Holdings Pty: Leaders in Fur Cruelty

Webster Holdings Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based company that owns several Australian retailers, including Jigsaw and David Lawrence. Despite knowing that the fur industry is violent and bloody, Webster …

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Stop the Slaughter of the Seals of Nam

The first of July marks the beginning of a killing spree. A minimum of 85,000 cape fur seal pups will be beaten and stabbed to death for their pelts …

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‘Free-Range’ Eggs: Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

The Australian Egg Corporation is pushing ahead with plans to alter the definition of “free-range eggs” to allow farms that confine as many as 20,000 hens per hectare to …

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Remind Campbell Newman of His Pledge to Spare Turtles and Dugongs Jody Boyman

Remind Campbell Newman of His Pledge to Spare Turtles and Dugongs

ACTION UPDATE! Legislation has now been introduced to amend the Animal Care and Protection Act and the Native Title Act to ensure that turtles and dugongs killed under indigenous …

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VICTORY! University Of Queensland Ends Terminal Experiments on Animals

After ongoing campaigns by our affiliate PETA Asia-Pacific and other groups in Australia, the University of Queensland has confirmed that they have ceased using dogs from local pounds for …

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New South Wales Government – Don’t Encourage Young Killers

In New South Wales (NSW), Australia, the Game and Feral Animal Control Regulation is up for review. And in an astonishing move, the new regulation proposes allowing unsupervised children …

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Pigs Suffer While Aussie Pork Producers Stall P. Mark

Pigs Suffer While Aussie Pork Producers Stall

P. MarkLast November, the Australian pork industry announced that it will phase out sow stalls for pregnant sows by 2017, but as of yet, there is no law in …

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