‘At the Fork’ Offers Food for Thought

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

ForkChange can begin at the dinner table: That’s the premise behind At the Fork, an engaging seven-part miniseries that tackles some of the most frequently raised questions and concerns about making the switch to vegetarian or vegan eating.

At the Fork explores our evolving relationship to food as seen through the eyes of a typical suburban Australian family. After the young protagonists of the series learn about the plight of animals on today’s factory farms, the entire family starts to question the impact that eating meat has on their health, on the health of the planet and, of course, on animals.

This thought-provoking online series looks at a number of issues that relate to the moral and health reasons for going vegetarian or vegan and also addresses some common misconceptions about plant-based diets.

You can watch the episodes via the following links:

Episode one
Episode two
Episode three
Episode four
Episode five 
Episode six
Episode seven

Every year, millions of animals are abused and slaughtered on their journey from farm to dinner plate. Each vegetarian and vegan saves the lives of many animals every year. Watch At the Fork today, and find out why more people are leaving meat off their forks for good – and then be sure to order your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit.

Posted by Claire Fryer