Australia’s Rabbit-Meat Industry Exposed

Posted on by PETA Australia

Did you know that around 208,000 rabbits are confined to filthy, cramped cages each year in Australia to be killed for their flesh?

A new investigation by Animal Liberation into Australian rabbit farms has shone a light on Victoria’s revolting rabbit-farming industry, exposing dens of cruelty where lame, infected, and terrified animals limp about on the floors of sharp wire cages.

Each animal is afforded no more space than an A4 sheet of paper, their sensitive eyes, noses, and lungs burning from the cloud of ammonia that hangs in the air from their own waste. Injury and illness are rife. Some rabbits stand on bloody, pus-filled stumps. Others endure a world that seems to have been turned upside down, as head tilt – a stress-induced neurological condition – twists their necks.

Babies born on these farms only live for 12 weeks, before they’re stunned via electrocution or bludgeoning and their throats are slit.

Adult rabbits used for breeding languish in solitary confinement, a far cry from the communal family groups they prefer in nature.

Although this footage sparked an investigation, the Victorian government stated that “living conditions met code of practice requirements” and “[n]o further action would be taken”.


Those who share their homes with rabbits – as many in Australia do – know that they’re sweet and playful individuals. They know their names, can come when called, and “binky” in the air with joy!

How You Can Help Rabbits

If you see a restaurant offering rabbit meat, you can speak up by using this Animal Liberation template letter to write to the business and ask it to take rabbits off the menu.

While the thought of eating rabbits may repulse the many people who see them as companions no different to dogs or cats, their torment is the same as that of chickens and pigs on factory farms all over the country. No matter the species, all animals suffer terribly when exploited for their flesh.

The good news is that consumption of animals is dropping dramatically in Australia, recently hitting its lowest point in 25 years!

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