Animals Used for Clothing

How Ducks Suffer and Die for ‘Responsible’ Down PETA Asia

How Ducks Suffer and Die for ‘Responsible’ Down

Footage reveals ducks being stabbed in the neck to make Responsible Down Standard–certified down for suppliers of well-known brands.

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Joanna Krupa Joins PETA US in Unravelling the Truth Behind Wool

Joanna Krupa has joined PETA US for an anti-wool campaign that will leave viewers speechless.

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PETA US Launches US$1 Million Vegan Wool Challenge Award

PETA US has launched a US$1 million award that will go to the first entrant to produce a market-ready vegan material to replace wool.

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Robyn Lawley Speaks Out Against Australian Crocodile Farms

The Australian supermodel lends her voice to a new PETA video.

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How Geese Are Slaughtered for ‘Responsible’ Down

A PETA Asia investigation shows that terrified geese are decapitated with an axe so their down can fill pillows, coats, and sleeping bags.

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