Animals Used for Clothing

Proposed NT Crocodile Farm Would Imprison 50,000 Animals Image:

Proposed NT Crocodile Farm Would Imprison 50,000 Animals

Now is the time to invest in vegan fashion, not set up factory farms to confine and kill sensitive animals and create breeding grounds for new pandemics.

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Mulesed Lamb Statue Proposed for Goulburn

PETA has written to the Mayor of Goulburn, home of the “Big Merino”, and asked permission to erect a new statue for the area – a giant mulesed lamb.

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Columbia Sportswear Company to Ban Alpaca Fleece!

Columbia Sportswear Company has become the latest company to ban alpaca.

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NSW Parliament Fails to Protect Sheep, Allows Mulesing Mutilations to Continue

The Australian wool industry clearly has no ability to self-regulate on this issue, and now the NSW parliament has failed sheep, too.

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Huge News! Poland to Ban Fur Farming

The ban will spare the lives of the more than 8 million animals who are raised and violently killed in Poland for their fur every year.

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