Animals Used for Clothing

Hazmat Suits and High Heels, PETA US Turns Heads Outside Hermès Store

During the company’s annual meeting, PETA US—an Hermès shareholder—urged it to ditch skins from alligators, crocodiles, ostriches, and all other exotic animals.

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PETA ‘Crocodiles’ Troll Hermès Stores on Australian Tour Etienne Ortovent

PETA ‘Crocodiles’ Troll Hermès Stores on Australian Tour

There’s nothing stylish about cramming sensitive animals into pits, and hacking them apart for handbags!

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Snakes Pumped Full of Compressed Air Until They Die – for Boots and Bags

PETA Asia exposes workers pumping pythons full of compressed air to kill them for the global trade in snakeskin for the fashion industry.

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HUGE NEWS: L’Oréal Group Bans Brushes Made With Animal Hair

A PETA exposé revealed badgers are held in cramped wire cages for badger hair brushes.

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Great News for Rabbits! American Vintage Bans Angora

Fashion brand American Vintage has confirmed it has banned the use of angora in all future collections.

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