Animals Used for Food

Pregnant Tigerlily Says ‘Not Your Mum, Not Your Milk’

Dara Lawson, aka Tigerlily, begs the question, “what if they took your baby away?” in stunning new PETA campaign.

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Why Did PETA Barbecue a ‘Baby’? Chrissie Hall

Why Did PETA Barbecue a ‘Baby’?

Does the prospect of grilling a newborn repulse you? If so, please leave baby animals in peace and off your plate.

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Great News: HelloFresh Stops Supporting Monkey Labour

Following several investigations and nearly 100,000 e-mails from PETA entity supporters worldwide, HelloFresh has confirmed that it will remove Thai coconut milk products from its supply chain.

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PETA ‘Mermaids’ Make a Splash at Sydney Fish Market Chrissie Hall

PETA ‘Mermaids’ Make a Splash at Sydney Fish Market

Just because someone has fins instead of feet doesn’t make them any less deserving of respect!

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Civet Cats Driven Mad: PETA Exposes Kopi Luwak Coffee

PETA Asia’s latest footage shows that despite an international outcry, civet cats are still being abused for kopi luwak.

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