Animals Used for Food

Protesters Clad in Hazmat Suits Take Vegan Message to Brisbane

Activists held signs reading, “Meat Trade Kills” and “Prevent Pandemics. Go Vegan,” outside the Department of Health.

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Joaquin Phoenix Exposes Hens Crammed Into Cages and Suffocated in the Cruel Egg Industry

After he saw investigative footage from the egg industry, showing the crude killing of hens, Joaquin Phoenix knew he had to say something.

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Cruelty Exposed at Queensland Egg Farm

Williams Eggs are advertised as being “farm fresh” on their cartons, but judge for yourself how “fresh” the conditions these chickens are forced to endure actually are.

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Bird Flu Outbreak on Victorian Farm Aussie Farms

Bird Flu Outbreak on Victorian Farm

Like the novel coronavirus, H7N7 can “jump” from another animal to humans.

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Abattoir Workers Offered New Vocation Training in Wake of COVID-19 Clusters

PETA is giving Melbourne staff a chance to reinvent themselves in nonviolent profession.

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